Programming Bootcamp

Start to program in 6 evening session with a programme aimed at beginners.

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Get started with programming in 6 evening sessions where you'll learn the basics of programming to launch you into a new career or hobby.

You'll learn how to code using JavaScript and by the end of the six weeks will be able to create interactive websites and deploy them online! 

You'll also be able to share your work using Git and Github, the exact same tools you would use to collaborate with developer colleagues. 

Is this for you?

Do you want to learn to code? Have you tried a few tutorials but are looking for some more guidance and a clearer path to follow than watching YouTube videos?

It can be hard to learn alone, especially complex topics like programming. If you think that learning with peers and with an expert instructor available to guide your learning and answer your questions is the right way to go, this course is for you.

What if I know some things already?

Before the course begins, we'll ask you to give us an overview of what you know already, and we'll make sure that the tasks you're set will stretch and challenge you without being overwhelming. If you want to discuss your particular circumstances with us, reach out to us at

What you'll learn

The curriculum will include

  • An introduction to programming in JavaScript
  • Using Git and Github to collaborate on code
  • Using the command line to perform common tasks and manage your code
  • Understanding HTML and CSS
  • Building interactive websites, simulations and games 
  • Using a database to store data from web pages
  • Deploying a completed project to the cloud

How does it work?

In a typical session we will start with a presentation or demonstration of a new topic, after which you'll get a chance to try things out for yourself with the help of the instructor. Before we finish the evening, we'll share the best resources available elsewhere about this topic and set project tasks for the next session.

In between sessions you'll be able to talk with each other and with the instructors online, including an online code clinic in Google Hangout once a week.

When and Where?

Times: The course will run every Tuesday evening for 6 weeks from 18:00 to 20:30. The first session will be on the 1st of November and the last session will be on the 6th of December.

We recommend you set some additional time aside to make the most of the course, but if that's not possible, we have made the sessions self contained enough to stand alone.

Your Teacher

Brice Fernandes has many years of coding experience, having worked as a software developer for academic research groups as well as in industry. He taught game development and software development online to over 90,000 students with his 4.9 star rated game development course. He is also the organiser and host for the Cambridge Programmers' Study Group, which meets twice a week to study computer science topics under his guidance.


We can also run this workshop at your location. Get in touch for details.

The workshop will be held at Eagle Labs Cambridge.

We also provide this workshop and others at your company premises.

Contact us to arrange a workshop at your venue.


  • Eagle Labs Cambridge
  •               28 Chesterton Rd, CB4 3AL, Cambridge


Just in case we haven't answered everything yet

Where is it?

Eagle Labs,
28 Chesterton Rd,
CB4 3AL,

When is it?

In person every Tuesday between 18:00 and 20:30 for six weeks starting on Tuesday 24th January 2017.

What should I bring?

You will need a laptop capable of connecting to Wifi, as well as pen and paper. Windows, OSX and Linux friendly.

Will additional work be required outside of sessions?

While not required, it is highly encouraged and recommended that you spend some time in self study outside of the sessions. We will provide additional support on demand outside of sessions through a chat forum and a weekly code clinic.

Do I need to prepare?

No prior preparation is needed.

Is there parking?

Yes, Eagle Labs provides parking for visitors.


« Brice is an amazing coach, with that rare combination of real technical experience and strong communication ability which is so hard to find. His workshops on agile development were powerful, compelling, and relatable. They effectively helped our team shift not only our processes, but our fundamental mindset about how we approach development cycles. We have seen a huge boost in productivity since working with his team. »
Toby Norman CEO of Simprints Technology
Brice Fernandes

Brice Fernandes

Founder and Director SigmaForge

Brice is an online course instructor, startup coach, and entrepreneur. His technology background includes Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, physical simulations, natural language processing, anomaly detection in real-time and embedded development. Brice has acquired a depth of knowledge through his experience working with start-ups. He was selected to be a startup coach at Accelerate Cambridge, a program at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School where he coached 40 entrepreneurial teams on a regularly basis. Most recently, Brice was a coach and mentor at the prestigious Ignite program at the Judge Business School.